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berry ono
Tap #1 BERRY ONO-  Raspberry Lime Hard Seltzer
$0.55/oz   ABV 5.5%

Berry Ono is a malt-based, craft hard seltzer that was infused with real raspberry puree and lime juice.  Berry Ono is a refreshing and low cal/low carb option (125 calories and 6.5g carbs per 12oz).  Ono means “delicious” in Hawaiian, so “Berry Ono” is so very (berry) delicious! **Gluten-reduced

banana hammock.jpg
Tap #2 BANANA HAMMOCK - Hefeweizen
$0.55/oz   ABV 5%

Banana Hammock is a hefeweizen, which is a classic German style beer. Hefe (yeast) Weizen (wheat) is of German origin and traditionally means an unfiltered wheat beer with yeast in it. Banana Hammock is brewed with Virginia-grown wheat and the fruity (banana) and phenolic (clove) aroma comes largely from the yeast. Banana Hammock was brewed intentionally to pull out more of those banana flavors from the yeast. Enjoy!

Manako (1).jpg
Tap #3   MANAKO- American Wheat w/ Mango
$0.60/oz   ABV 5.5%

Manako (pronounced mah-nah-KO), meaning mango in Hawaiian, is an American wheat ale infused with mango and is a bestseller at Ono Brewing Company in Chantilly.  Manako brings the spirit of the tropics to the brewery’s tropical tasting room. This beer will inspire you to dream of or think back to a day spent relaxing at a beach, with a warm breeze blowing, Island music playing, and a cold drink in hand.  

Hellyes (1).jpg
Tap #4 HELLYES - Helles Lager 
$0.50/oz   ABV 5.25%

Hellyes Lager is an unfiltered Helles Style Lager known as a Kellerbier, a classic German beer you may have never heard of, but are sure to love. This straw-colored beer has a nice malt character with hints of Lager yeast. (ABV 5.25%  IBU 20) **Gluten reduced 

Tsunami 2022.jpg
Tap #5 TSUNAMI- Wet Hop IPA 
$0.55/oz   ABV 5.5%

From farm to beer to glass! We partnered locally with Hoppy Trails Farm in Scottsville, VA this year to brew a super drinkable wet hop beer. We added plenty of Cascade and Centennial in every step of the brew. Hoppy Trails Farm Cascade hops were sweet and earthy with lots of lupulin oils in the center. Full flavor of pine and dank citrus make for a tasty easy drinking pale ale. **Gluten-reduced

Howzit .jpg
Tap #6 HOWZIT- Hazy IPA
$0.60/oz   ABV 7.0%

Howzit is a hazy IPA brewed and dry hopped with a generous amount of Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. In Hawaii, “howzit” is a phrase used most often as a greeting meaning “How is it going?” or “How is everything?” Raise a glass and say “Howzit” to your neighbor. And if you want to be super cool, you could say “Howzit, braddah” meaning “How’s it going, brother?” *

Tap #7 JACK-O - Pumpkin Ale
$0.60/oz   ABV 6.0%

Our Jack-O pumpkin ale is a light bodied ale with caramel and red malts selected to give it a slightly orange hue, just like a Jack-o-lantern.  Brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and pumpkin , this beer tastes like pumpkin pie in a glass!  **Gluten- reduced

Red coral.jpg
Tap #8  RED CORAL - Irish Red Ale
$0.50/oz   ABV 6%

Red Coral is a traditional Irish-style red ale brewed with a moderate amount of kilned malts and roasted barley, which gives the beer the color for which it is named. This typically amber-colored beer is brewed at a slightly cooler temperature to help dry out the beer’s finish and lessen the body. The roasted barley provides the beer with low roasted notes, darker color and gives it a tan collar of foam on top. Red Coral is found in ocean depths of approximately 500 to 1,000 feet, and it grows only about 1/4 inch per year, making it a highly treasured gemstone in Hawaii and around the world. With light notes of caramel, and toffee enjoy this treasure of a beer. ** Gluten-reduced

Huli pau (1).jpg
Tap #9 HULI PAU- Marzen/Oktoberfest
$0.55/oz   ABV 5%

Huli Pau is our Märzen/Oktoberfest Lager brewed in commemoration of the world’s largest beer festival. A Märzen was traditionally brewed in March (Märzen) and is a pale to reddish brown lager, with medium to low maltiness, and a mild hop character.  In Germany, it is common to make a toast at Oktoberfest and yell “Prost” which is German for “Cheers!”  The Hawaiian phrase for cheers is “Huli Pau”, pronounced hoo-lee pow, which means “good health”.  Pour yourself a pint, toast your neighbor, and say “Huli Pau!” (ABV 6.5% IBU 25) **Gluten-reduced

Tap #10 TRUMAN- Barrel-aged Breakfast Stout
$0.70/oz   ABV 8.5%  

Truman is a breakfast stout aged in A.Smith Bowman bourbon barrels. Truman Cox, master distiller at A. Smith Bowman, and long-time friend and Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity brother of Ono Brewing Company owner, Scott Hoffman, passed away in 2013 at the age of 44. “Truman” is Ono Brewing Company’s first barrel-aged beer and was produced specifically to be tapped at Ono Brewing's 5th Anniversary event in tribute to Truman Cox. RIP brother Truman.  We only plan to make one barrel-aged beer a year so grab some cans to take home before it's gone! 

HIGH ALCOHOL WARNING- We recommend only 8oz pours of this beer. At a bar or restaurant, this beer would be served in a 10oz snifter glass with only 8oz of beer in the glass. .

Island Time.jpg
Tap #11 ISLAND TIME- Coconut Brown Ale
$0.55/oz   ABV 6%

Island Time is a taste of the tropics in a glass. This light, refreshing brown ale was infused with real coconut to make it a fun, summer time beer.  Go ahead and pour this beer, sit back, relax in the tasting room or on the tiki patio, because you're now on Island Time!  **Gluten-reduced

Ohana 2022
Tap #12    OHANA- Session Hazy IPA
$0.55/oz   ABV 4.8%

Ohana is a juicy, crushable session IPA brewed with Chinook and Simcoe Cryo Hops and dry-hopped with Mosaic Cryo hops, El Dorado, and Chinook. Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian. At Ono Brewing Company, we welcome everyone as part of our Ohana. 

** Gluten reduced- Fermented with Brewers Clarex® which effectively removes gluten from the beer. It is not “gluten-free” but the makers of Brewers Clarex® claim significant gluten reduction with proper use. We encourage those with gluten sensitivities to research Brewers Clarex

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