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Ono Brewing Company

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Self-Serve? How does that work?

It's like a self-serve frozen yogurt bar but with craft beer and hard seltzer instead!

Step 1

 See employee to get an RFID card and load it with funds by opening a tab with your credit card .

Step 2 

Make your selection and use your card to activate the tap. Pour just a taste, half a glass, or a full glass, it’s up to you. Pay only for what you pour.

Step 3 


Why did we choose a self-serve beer wall for our taproom?

No more waiting in line to be served by a  bartender or sitting at a table  waiting for a server!​

Serve yourself when you want a beer!

No more empty glasses

Employees are more  free to chat

Our knowledgeable tasting room attendants are free to “talk beer” with you!


They aren't busy pouring beer for customers, thus freeing them up to talk to you!

So, go ahead and ask your questions!

Explore on your own

Create your own flight of tasters!

Pour and explore until you find that perfect beer for you!

Your beer. Your way.

One Ono fan says "60% Howzit and 40% Manako is the pefect beer for him"!


Mix it Up.  Why not?  You’re in control.

See what  blends you can come up with to make that perfect beer, just right for YOU.

Perfect for events and large groups

Planning an event? Your guests will LOVE our self-serve beverage wall.


Make some pre-paid cards with a limit that suits your budget for your group to share or give each person their own card with an open tab or a set budget cap. Super easy and fun!

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