Without the actual sand and surf....


Let’s face it. Life in Northern Virginia can get a little hectic.



Our expansive tasting room allows you to kick back, relax and pretend you are on a tropical getaway. Our unique tropical setting with paddle fans, tropical decor, and island style vibe will provide a great place to gather to enjoy great beer, a great atmosphere and great friends.


Add to that our self-serve beer wall featuring an assortment of delicious craft beer made on premises, and you may never want to leave!




Self-Serve? How does that work?

It's like a self-serve frozen yogurt bar but with BEER instead!

We have partnered with Pour My Beer      to provide our customers with the ability to take control of their own beer tasting experience.


Step 1-  See one of our taproom hosts/hostesses, get an RFID card and load it with funds by opening a tab with your credit card or load the card with any cash amount.

Step 2-  Peruse the beer wall by reading more about each beer on a screen above each tap. Make your selection and tap your card to activate the tap. Pour your own beer, just a taste, half a glass, or a full glass, it’s up to you. Pay only for what you pour.

Step 3-  Enjoy!

Why did we choose a self-serve beer wall for our taproom?

No more waiting in line to be served while the bartender is serving others, ringing up bar tabs, chatting with other customers or sitting at a table with an empty glass and waiting for a server!​

Employees free to chat

Our knowledgeable tasting room attendants are free to “talk beer” with you or answer your questions about our offerings or the brewing process. They won’t be busy pouring beer for customers, thus freeing them up to talk to you! So, go ahead and ask your questions!

Explore on your own

Create your own flight of tasters! Don’t get stuck with a full glass of a beer you don’t prefer. Grab one or more of our taster glasses and pour and explore until you find that perfect beer for you!

Your beer. Your way.

Mix it Up.  Why not? You’re in control. We’re not talking about making a suicide like a kid at a soda fountain, but if that IPA is too bitter for you try mixing it with a pale ale.  See what other blends you can come up with to make that perfect beer, just right for YOU.

Flexible serving sizes

Pour what you want and only what you want. Never get stuck with a warm beer because you didn't drink it fast enough or a full pint of beer you don’t like ever again.

No more empty glasses

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