Odd BBQ is now serving full-time inside our tasting room.  That’s right! Now you will always find great food AND great beer on EVERY visit to Ono Brewing Company!


NOTE: Odd BBQ closes 1 hour before tasting room.



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ODD BBQ Phone # 202-677-3829

Now that we have food options available full-time, we are changing our “bring your own food” policy. Starting Thursday, May 24, 2018 we will no longer be allowing outside food. Instead, we respectfully ask our customers to purchase your snacks and meals from Odd BBQ. You won’t be disappointed!
About Odd BBQ


Former Sous Chef of Mokomandy in Sterling, Virginia owner, and pitmaster, Nick Giorno brings 10 years of professional restaurant experience to the smoker. Mom & pops, big corporate jobs, small-time caterers in DC, Nick has worked with a wide range of great people, which is how he came to understand that regardless of the establishment or cuisine, it was about the love of cooking and the independence of making it on your own.



"I've wanted my own restaurant since I got into this industry in 2007, that has always been the end game. The idea behind Odd BBQ is to celebrate the diversity that this strictly American cooking technique can offer. We have access to so much flavor and knowledge from around the world, there is no reason to remain in the confines of tradition when it comes to ingredients"

-Nick Giorno

Need food for a large group at Ono Brewing Company?

In addition to serving at the Ono Beach Shack, Odd BBQ has created a special catering menu with small bites, appetizers, and BBQ packages available for pre-ordering for large and small groups. Odd BBQ can even do desserts upon request! Ono Brewing Company is now your one-stop place for all your event planning needs! Got a birthday, anniversary, retirement, promotion, or engagement to celebrate? What about a corporate celebration, meeting, client-appreciation or team-building event? Have your event at Ono! 


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Click here to learn  more about catering options for large and small groups

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ODD BBQ closes 1 hour before Ono brewing

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