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Pour Paint Pumpkin Decorating Class

Sunday October 1, 2-4pm

at Ono Offshore

This event is SOLD OUT!! 

Paint Pouring Pumpkin Decorating Class

Sunday October 1 2pm-4pm

at Ono Offshore 4515 Daly Dr Suite N Chantilly, VA. This is NOT the main Ono Brewing Company location but is our private event space across the street.

During this seasonal favorite workshop, everybody receives a 9-inch pumpkin, two 2 inch pumpkins, and an 8x10 canvas.  All participants are taught the art of acrylic pouring and make four beautiful pieces of art. After this class, you will have the knowledge and ability to do this artwork form from the comfort of your own home! These pumpkins will last for years to come!

There will be a self-serve beverage wall available with beer and hard seltzer options as well non-alcoholic options. Price includes your choice of a one pint of beer or hard seltzer or two non-alcoholic beverages. Attendees will have the opportunity to open a tab for additional beverage purchases. There will be no food available to purchase at the event. You can bring an optional snack, if you choose, but please don't bring outside beverages and instead purchase additional beverages from Ono Offshore.

To reserve your spot, click on the link below and click on "Event tickets" 

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