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1. Hellyes Lager - $16/64 oz fill, $8/32 oz fill- Hellyes Lager is an unfiltered Helles Style Lager known as a Kellerbier, a classic German beer you may have never heard of, but are sure to love. This straw-colored beer has a nice malt character with hints of Lager yeast. Try one and you'll be saying "Hellyes, I'll have another!" (ABV 5.25%  IBU 20) **Gluten reduced 


2. Manako - $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill-   Manako (pronounced mah-nah-KO), meaning mango in Hawaiian, is an American wheat ale infused with mango and is a bestseller at Ono Brewing Co.  Manako brings the spirit of the tropics to the brewery’s tropical tasting room. This beer will inspire you to dream of or think back to a day spent relaxing at a beach, with a warm breeze blowing, Island music playing, and a cold drink in hand. (ABV 5.5%  IBU 20) * 


3.  Riptide - $18/64oz fill, $10/32 oz fill- Riptide IPA was given a late hop burst with Cascade, Amarillo and Citra hops and was then dry-hopped with a blend of Amarillo and Citra. Riptides are strong ocean currents caused by tidal flow in confined areas such as inlets and can pull swimmers or boaters out to sea quickly. Get swept away by the full flavor of Riptide IPA. (ABV 5.5% IBU 55) **Gluten reduced


4. Howzit - $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill- Howzit is a hazy IPA brewed and dry-hopped with a generous amount of Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado hops. In Hawaii, “howzit” is a phrase used most often as a greeting meaning “How is it going?” or “How is everything?” Raise a glass and say “Howzit” to your neighbor. And if you want to be super cool, you could say “Howzit, braddah” meaning “How’s it going, brother?” (ABV 7% IBU 40) *


5. Hurricane Jeanne  $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill- Hurricane Jeanne is a DIPA brewed with Falconer's Flight and Simcoe cryo hops and dry-hopped with Falconer’s Flight and Lotus hops.  Hurricane Jeanne is the fourth and final beer in the hurricane series of Ono DIPA’s that reflect on the four hurricanes that hit the US in 2004. Hurricane Jeanne made landfall at almost the same location as Hurricane Frances, just a few weeks earlier. Jeanne was a slow moving storm that brought massive amounts of rain and flooding to an already ravaged Florida, turning Ono Brewing Company owners Scott and Cyndi’s Florida home into an island surrounded by water on all sides!


6. Banana Hammock- $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill-  Banana Hammock is a hefeweizen, which is a classic German style beer. Hefe (yeast) Weizen (wheat) is of German origin and traditionally means an unfiltered wheat beer with yeast in it. Banana Hammock is brewed with Viginia-grown wheat and the fruity (banana) and phenolic (clove) aroma comes largely from the yeast. Banana Hammock was brewed intentionally to pull out more of those banana flavors from the yeast. Enjoy! (ABV 5% IBU 10)*


7. Lanai Lager - $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill-  Lanai Lager is a Vienna Lager, which is  a malt-forward lager with malty aroma and light malt sweetness. It was brewed and dry-hopped with Saaz hops which provide just enough hop bitterness to balance the malt's sweetness without overshadowing the flavor. A “lanai” is the Hawaiian word for patio or balcony.This is the perfect beer to enjoy on a spring day out on the lanai. (ABV 5.3%  IBU 24)  **Gluten reduced


8. Island Time - $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill- Island Time is a taste of the tropics in a glass. This light, refreshing brown ale was infused with real coconut to make it a fun, summertime beer.  Go ahead and pour this beer, sit back, relax in the tasting room or on the tiki patio, because you're now on Island Time! (ABV 6% IBU 30) **Gluten reduced


9.  Black Pearl - - $16/64 oz fill, $8/32 oz fill-  Black Pearl is a dry, Irish stout brewed with roasted barley and brown malt to bring out the coffee-like taste and aroma while also producing a dry-roasted bitterness in the finish.  An actual Black Pearl (Tahitian Pearl) is formed from the black lipped oyster. They are primarily cultivated around Tahiti, are very rare, and are considered one of the most beautiful kinds of pearl in the world.  Hawaii has a rich Polynesian culture and the Black Pearl is a signature Hawaiian gem. (ABV 4.5 IBU 35)  **Gluten reduced 


10. Dockside - $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill-  Dockside Dubbel is a Belgian Dubbel (double). Dockside is a reddish brown, moderately strong, malty, complex Belgian ale with a moderately dry finish. Fruity esters are prevalent due to the yeast, so you may taste and smell raisins, plums, banana, and/or cherries. Spicy phenols are also present so you may also taste and smell clove or other spices. This is a great dark beer alternative to a Bock, Porter, or Stout and would be great if you were sitting on a dock, on a cool evening, watching the sunset. (ABV 8.5%  IBU 20)  **Gluten reduced

11 Berry Ono- $18/64 oz fill, $10/32 oz fill-  Blackberry Tart Seltzer $0.50/oz Berry Ono is a malt-based, craft hard seltzer that was infused with real blackberries, instead of artificial flavoring or extracts that mimic natural flavors.  The blackberries give Berry Ono a beautiful pink color and natural, slightly tart taste. Berry Ono is a refreshing and low cal/low carb option (125 calories and 6.5g carbs per 12oz).  Ono means “delicious” in Hawaiian, so “Berry Ono” is so very (berry) delicious! **Gluten-reduced (ABV 5.25% IBU 0)


* Ono Brewing uses Virginia-grown wheat and oats in all beers containing wheat and/or oats.

** Gluten reduced- Fermented with Brewers Clarex® which effectively removes gluten from the beer. It is not “gluten-free” but the makers of Brewers Clarex® claim significant gluten reduction with proper use. We encourage those with gluten sensitivities to research Brewers Clarex.

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