Message from Cyndi and Scott Hoffman   Owners  of Ono Brewing

Copy of original Facebook post shared on 03/18/20

Fans of Ono Brewing Company. We thank you for your continued support.  These are indeed difficult and challenging times for small businesses like us. Ono Brewing is the epitome of “small business”. We are family-owned and operated by husband and wife team, Scott and Cyndi Hoffman.  The voice you hear in this message today and on social media every day, is me, Cyndi Hoffman. “Social media director” is just one of the many hats I wear. Small business owners wear so many hats. I am also the person who often greets you at Ono and hands you your beer card and clears the dirty glasses from your table when you leave. I am our tasting room manager, events coordinator, marketing manager, social media director, bookkeeper and HR manager. 


My husband Scott makes the beer you love. He’s also the guy you’ll see in the tasting room walking down the rows of tables and straightening each table to perfection and bending to pick up that crumb he sees on the floor. He’s the guy you see taking time out of his day to “talk beer” with people and answer everyone’s questions. He also likes to claim the title of “head janitor” and “head maintenance man”. Three years ago we both quit our full-time jobs as a high school biology teacher and government contractor to live the “American dream” and open a small business together. We have been open now for 2.5 years and it's been an amazing journey. Some of you have been with us since the beginning and have watched our little family business grow and it’s been fun to share that with you. 


We support other small businesses in our community. You’ll find River-Sea chocolate bars from our neighboring chocolate factory for sale at Ono. Six months into our business we realized we had the opportunity to provide an opportunity for another small business to thrive. We converted our employee break room into a kitchen and leased the space to Odd BBQ. Odd BBQ is also the epitome of small business. Nick and Susan, the owners of Odd BBQ, are at Ono Brewing 6-7 days a week cooking and serving the amazing food you have come to love. When you support Ono Brewing and Odd BBQ, you are supporting two separate small businesses, and two separate dreams.


We at Ono Brewing have supported our community as best we can in the last 2.5 years. We have donated to just about every local charity event, golf tournament, school fundraiser, etc. that has asked for our support.  In addition, fans of Ono know just how much we support our community with our tips to charity program. We need our community to support us now in this difficult time. Small businesses, like Ono Brewing and Odd BBQ, are taking a severe hit right now. 


At this time, we have significantly reduced our hours to 12-6pm, Tuesday-Sunday,  and are following guidelines as set by local and state authorities regarding precautions, restrictions and potential closures in the future that are impacting our industry.  We are encouraging to-go sales during our current hours. 


Below are some things you can do to support us, and other small businesses you love, through this difficult time. We know times are tough for many out there, but if you have the means to do any of the following, your support would be truly appreciated. 


** Grab some beer to go. We have cans and growlers available to get you through your social distancing at home. Stock up! 

** Are you limiting your exposure but still want your Ono beer? Just call 571-409-6662 and we can take your order with a credit card over the phone and provide curbside delivery during our 3-7pm pickup time. We can accommodate you!

** Order some food to go and support Odd BBQ. 

** Buy some merchandise. Need a hat, tshirt, sweatshirt?

** Purchase a gift card now to use later. We don’t have the ability to sell e-gift cards online right now, BUT if you call 571-409-6662 we can take your gift card order over the phone and I, Cyndi Hoffman, will lick a stamp and put it in an envelope and mail it to you.

** Buy a keg for your home kegerator.

** Like, comment, or share our social media posts. Yes- this REALLY helps and is something everyone can do! Share this one now.


Thank you again to everyone for your continued support. We love our community and we WILL get through this together.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a COPY of the original social media post that was shared on 03/18/20.  See our HOMEPAGE for updates regarding hours, current restrictions and availability.

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